Ambassador denounces accusations

April 4, 2024 4:38 pm

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian has refuted accusations levied against the embassy and the owner of Yue Lai Hotel in Suva.

Terming international media reports as “baseless bullying,” he has urged those behind the allegations to report any criminal activities directly to the authorities rather than resorting to media coercion tactics.

The controversy stemmed from media claims linking the owner of Yue Lai Hotel to a syndicate allegedly involved in drug smuggling, money laundering, and human trafficking.

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Reports further suggested the hotel’s expansion into property development alongside its tourism operations.

It also hinted at the hotel’s role in reinforcing Chinese influence in Fiji citing its hosting of official functions for the local Chinese embassy and its purported facilitation of diplomatic ties between China and Fiji.

Ambassador Jian states that the embassy is committed to abiding by local laws and regulations.

“If you have any proof, you can go to the police rather than the microphone diplomacy or microphone coercion.”

Jian urged those making accusations to provide concrete evidence to law enforcement agencies rather than engaging in speculative media campaigns.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka acknowledged the historical complexities in Fiji’s diplomatic relations with China.

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka with Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

However, he reiterates Fiji’s steadfast dedication to maintaining its alliances despite external pressures, stressing Fiji’s autonomy in decision-making processes.