Agriculture Ministry recognize climate impacts on farmers

April 14, 2024 4:21 pm

Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu says the government recognizes the issues posed by climate change and pledges its unwavering support to help tackle the challenges.

Some of the major challenges experienced by farmers and landowners are the seepage of salt water into the farmlands, the destruction of crops and flooding.

The Agriculture Minister says changing weather patterns on agriculture has drastically impacted farms.

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“Over the past three decades, our farming landscapes have undergone drastic changes and are being impacted by extreme weather events and changing climatic conditions.”

Rayalu assures that the government is doing its best to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and says effective stormwater and drainage management are crucial in guaranteeing the resilience of the agriculture sector.

The Minister is urging farmers and landowners to cooperate with the new drainage board to come up with new ideas to minimize the effects of climate change.