Adopt climate change adaptation measures

March 2, 2023 5:30 am

Adopting climate adaptation measures is vital for Pacific Island countries like Fiji to absorb the shocks of global uncertainties.

World Bank lead economist for the Pacific, David Gould, says the impact of climate change will only increase, causing shocks to the region’s economies.

“With the increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters in the Pacific, it’s all about adaptation. So building facilities to withstand more difficult situations, such as more frequent cyclones, king tides, and salinization of water.”

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World Bank lead economist for the Pacific, David Gould

Gould says the region must invest in its own ability to withstand the economic shocks of climate change, which are exacerbated by inflation and global economic uncertainty.

The economist says to insulate themselves from the impact of fuel price hikes, Pacific Island countries should invest in non-carbon sources of energy such as solar and wind energy.