Acquiring disaggregated data a challenge: Tabuya

March 29, 2023 12:45 pm

Minister for Women Lynda Tabuya speaking at the launch of the assessment last night [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

A lack of disaggregated data across standard areas relevant to gender inequality was one of the major hurdles in compiling the first-ever Fiji Country Gender Assessment.

Speaking at the launch of the assessment last night, Minister for Women Lynda Tabuya says she and her team had to overcome accessing disaggregated data held by government agencies for relevant areas to gender equality such as ethnicity, disability, geography, sexual orientation and more.

“The Fiji Country Gender Assessment was a battle issue for the previous government. Most importantly for the inclusion of gender data disaggregated by ethnicity. Under my leadership, I directed my team to review and ensure the inclusion of available disaggregated data as much as possible.”

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Tabuya says she also ordered the return of any deleted of evidence-based recommendations, analysis and findings.

The Fiji Country Gender Assessment offers a detailed and thorough analysis of the progress made in recent years as well as persistent challenges facing Fijian women and girls across various sectors such as health, economy, education, gender-based violence and decision-making.