Olly Alexander gives fans a spin of UK entry Dizzy

February 8, 2024 12:25 pm

[Source: BBC]

Singer Olly Alexander has sent Eurovision fans into a spin by revealing the chorus of his song Dizzy, which he’ll perform on behalf of the UK at this year’s song contest in May.

The former Years and Years frontman posted 20 seconds of the pulsating, club-friendly pop song on social media.

He also announced that the full track would be available on 1 March.

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Despite only hearing a snippet, some fans began predicting whether it could end the UK’s long wait for victory.

“EUROVISION WINNER FOR SURE,” one user enthused on Instagram.

“Dizzy sounds so good, it’s gonna go straight into my playlist,” wrote another on X.

But, they added: “Of course, I never put the UK in the context of winning Eurovision with something like this, and it won’t, I’m not sure about top five. It needs to be staged carefully and sung convincingly!”

BBC Radio 2’s Eurovision host Scott Mills responded with: “YAAAAAAS here we gooooo.”

Co-host Rylan had an advance copy. “I’ve been singing this for months it’s sooooo catchy,” he wrote.

In the video clip, Alexander is seen performing the song on a rooftop at night-time wearing a pinstripe jacket with the sleeves cut off, a matching skort and a home-made rosette badge.

He sings: “So won’t you make me dizzy for your kisses / Will you take my hand and spin me / Round and round until the moment never ends.”

Kilt-ural appropriation

The song lives up to his promise in December that the song was “not a ballad” but would be “electronic, something you can dance to”.

It was co-written by Alexander and Danny L Harle, who has produced hits for Dua Lipa, Chic and Charli XCX.

Alexander will hope to improve on the UK’s disappointing Eurovision performance last year, when Mae Muller came second to last.

The UK hasn’t won since 1997, and its recent track record has been largely underwhelming.

The English singer’s teaser clip came several hours after he posted a message with the title and release date, accompanied by a photo of himself upside down on a swing wearing nothing but a kilt, tattered socks and one shoe.

That may or may not be a clue to his intended performance routine at the grand final in Malmo, Sweden, on 11 May.

Alexander is already known to music fans around Europe for singing on Years and Years hits including Desire, King and If You’re Over Me.

He is also a Bafta-nominated actor, having played the lead role in Channel 4’s hard-hitting Aids drama It’s A Sin.