New song portrays a father’s role in a family

July 11, 2024 11:12 am

Musician Apakuki Nalawa [Source: InsideOut Fiji/ Facebook]

Renowned musician Apakuki Nalawa, better known by his stage name Kuki, has released a new song called “Maqu,” which is a heartfelt and very personal tribute to his late father.

Kuki’s father had a significant influence on his life, and the song pays articulate respect to the important role fathers play in families and communities.

Kuki penned the lyrics to the song “Maqu” after the passing of his dad a year earlier reminiscing about the roles that fathers play in the community and in our society.

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“I realized the roles of dads in society and also in my life when, firstly, I became a dad, and secondly, when my dad passed away, it was like you have no choice but to step up, you know, being the head of the family.”

Musician Apakuki Nalawa

He experienced emotional overload even during recording sessions, needing to take breaks to deal with the strong emotions of love and loss as this is something that is like a taboo in our communities.

Kuki, a father himself, drew attention to the taboo in traditional Fijian culture around fathers and their children expressing love and gratitude to one another.

With this release, Kuki hopes to inspire others to appreciate and honour their fathers, recognizing the significant and often understated contributions they make to family and community life.