Work commences on google project in Fiji

June 23, 2024 12:27 pm

The Minister for Trade confirms that work has commenced on the Google project in Fiji and the Pacific.

Minister for Trade Manoa Kamikamica states that the submarine cable network initiative will prove to be beneficial to Fiji’s ICT and business process outsourcing sectors.

He says the investments in connectivity are crucial for the continued growth and efficiency of the outsourcing sector.

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Kamikamica adds that the work in the installation of the cables is in progress that will enhance Fiji’s connectivity to other countries.

“Right now, Google is already building the cables from America to come through Fiji. I think early next year they’re going to land in Fiji. So we’re not allowed to say where the location is, but it’ll be somewhere in the west. So what that means is that Fiji will have more than one connection into the country.”

He adds that the efforts invested in such projects will help in the expansion of the economy and the outsourcing industries.

Outsource Fiji President, Morika Hunter appreciates the support that is provided to the industry through this collaboration.

“What we’re looking forward to here is collaboration with them, bringing their expertise, bringing their skills, showcase what we’ve got, and then move the business forward with them. We’re looking at them to have a louder voice and really push Fiji as a place to either start a BPO or a KPO or partner with one of the existing ones.”

This collaborative effort with Google will mark a significant step in the advancement of digital infrastructure in the Pacific region.