Three BPO operators eyeing growth in Fiji

November 30, 2023 6:17 am

[File Photo]

The business process outsourcing sector is becoming increasingly appealing to young individuals and university students.

Communications Minister Manoa Kamikamica reveals ongoing discussions with three BPO operators eager to expand their services.

Kamikamica emphasizes the sector’s potential to offer valuable skill development opportunities.

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He also highlights available opportunities for youths to contribute towards economic growth.

“Particularly if you are out of school, not sure what you want to do, want to earn a bit of money and get a bit of work experience. You can do it part-time, you can work in the evenings for a couple of hours, and you can get some money while you study. So it’s a very good industry for the young people of Fiji.”

Kamikamica underscores the importance of leveraging knowledge sharing and skill enhancement as key aspects of this sector.

While there are 25 outsourcing operators in the country, Outsource Fiji Executive Director Sagufta Janif also expresses her enthusiasm about the expansion of BPO operations.

“Influx of new and expanding operators signifies an increase in job creation, which also in some ways enhances our own service offerings and also contributes to the broader scope of the economy.”

Currently, the BPO industry provides employment to 8,000 Fijians, with the potential to increase to 25,000 by 2025.