SPBD plans to open sixth branch in the Pacific

July 8, 2024 6:23 am

The South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) is hoping to open its sixth branch in Kiribati.

While speaking to FBC News, the President of SPBD, Greg Casagrande states they are willing to expand their services throughout the Pacific region.

He says that through this they will be able to provide opportunities to women micro-entrepreneurs.

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“Well, we will continue to grow, and so we will continue to grow in Fiji, and we will continue to grow in our four other markets, Samoa, Tonga, the Solomons, and Vanuatu. We hope to open up in Kiribati, which will be country number six.”

President of SPBD, Greg Casagrande

Casagrande says that their mission is to create a network of financially self-sufficient and scalable micro-development organizations throughout the South Pacific.

“We work with women micro-entrepreneurs generally in the bottom half of economic society, and we try to provide them meaningful economic opportunity through providing small business training, unsecured credit, and ongoing guidance and motivation to help them start tiny income (0:51) generating businesses”.

Casagrande adds that he is grateful to its stakeholders and investors for helping the company in the fulfilment of its mission.