LTA calls for public input

January 25, 2024 6:05 am

The Land Transport Authority has taken a massive step towards digitization and commenced its first public consultation at the Valelevu headquarters yesterday.

LTA Media Liaison Officer Geraldine Panapasa says this initiative reflects the LTA’s commitment to responsive governance and continuous improvement in service delivery.

“The public consultation is being conducted by an independent consultant and this is to ensure there is transparency and by processes I mean the data collection of views, concerns by the public. And this is also to provide confidence to the public and there isn’t any LTA influence in what people say.”

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LTA Media Liaison Officer Geraldine Panapasa

Panapasa says the consultations will be undertaken until February 15th.

“Areas where the public are not able to come, for example, Rural areas where they perhaps lack some technological devices to access. There will be opportunity for them to also raise their views, so as much as possible, we are being inclusive of everybody’s opinion and views with the whole purpose of meeting their needs”.

Panapasa added that LTA is dedicated to taking into account every view expressed by the public with utmost seriousness.

LTA Acting Chief Executive Irimaia Rokosawa says the Authority believes in the power of co-creation and invited individuals from all walks of life to contribute their feedback during the public consultations.