LICI recognises top advisors

April 12, 2024 8:41 am

The top performing agents of LICI were felicitated in the annual “Club Convention” in Coral Coast, Sigatoka last Saturday.

Life Insurance Corporation Of India has close to 200 agent-advisors throughout Fiji.

To recognise the top performers and reward them appropriately based on certain well-defined parameters, LICI has a system of “Club Membership” for its advisors.

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Three clubs viz., Chairman’s Club, Managing Director’s Club and General Manager’s Club have been formed.

The key condition to become a member of any of these prestigious clubs is consistency of business and its persistency.

General Manager of LICI Fiji Operations Pradeep Shenoy has congratulated the club members on their achievement and appreciated their dedication and commitment towards the profession of life insurance agency.

Shenoy says from this year, the conditions of entry into the clubs as well as the benefits available to the club members are being modified.

Shenoy spoke about the need for spreading financial literacy amongst Fijians.