GR commits to continued investment despite challenges

April 2, 2024 12:18 pm

Grace Road has reaffirmed its dedication to investing in the country’s economy.

Despite encountering obstacles in recent months, Retail Operations Manager Grace Sungdo says they vow to persist in their efforts to bolster Fiji’s economic landscape.

Sungdo emphasizes the company’s steadfast commitment to Fiji, citing a decade-long track record of injecting over $100 million into the economy.

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She highlights the substantial employment opportunities of more than 1,000 generated by the company, which benefitted countless Fijians across the country.

Sungdo stresses they will not cease their investment endeavours, as they have fallen in love with the country.

“But for this year, we are planning to invest over $50 million more. But still, we are waiting for the approval from the authorities. But it’s very slow. Even though we applied for it last year, only last year, we are still waiting for that. So we hope we are asking the government for cooperation so that they we facilitate more project development.”

They recently opened two Grace Fields in Nadi with an investment of around $25m.

According to Sungdo, the establishment of the two new Grace Fields is an indication of their plan to continue investing and also creating jobs.