Surge in eye consultations

January 14, 2024 7:30 am

The Colonial War Memorial Eye Clinic is actively addressing the increased demand for eye consultations, currently attending to more than 150 patients daily.

The consultations include those requiring surgery, participation in the diabetes eye program, handling emergencies, and walk-in patients.

CWM Eye Clinic Head Dr. Luisa Cikamatana says during the first week of this year, they have recorded a significant uptick in severe eye infections and injuries.

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“You know it falls, punches, in brawls, accidents. People who use motorized equipment, hammering metal against metal and one of the pieces can fly and can injure the eye, and it’s lodged inside the eye”

Dr Cikamatana is optimistic about addressing the workload more efficiently with the addition of extra staff.

The eye clinic looks forward to enhancing its capacity to provide comprehensive eye care services to the community.