PRB steps up efforts to end violence

November 29, 2023 5:45 am

[File Photo]

The Public Rental Board has intensified its efforts to combat violence against women and girls, as well as drug-related issues within its estates.

Timoci Naleba, the General Manager, says that new guidelines will be incorporated into all tenant agreements, and residents across their 21 estates will be required to comply.

This measure aims to maintain a community free from violence and drugs.

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Naleba mentions the establishment of block committees to monitor PRB’s guidelines, emphasizing that any instances of violence or drug-related activities within their estates will be reported to these committees.

The committees will have the authority to encourage affected individuals to seek counselling and other services.

Naleba states that reported cases of violence will be referred to service providers, and after two warnings without improvement, offenders will receive eviction notices.

To raise awareness, training sessions will be conducted, and crime-free committees will be established to ensure the safety of the 8,620 residents in the 1,724 flats, protecting them from all forms of violence.

Naleba also highlights that these crime-free committees will monitor unemployment rates within the estates.

Discussions are ongoing with training institutions to explore opportunities for upskilling and job placement for unemployed youths.

With these initiatives, the PRB is optimistic that all its estates will become safe spaces for women and children.