Police Force condemns Highway Alert Viber Group

December 11, 2023 5:58 am

The Fiji Police Force warns that they will not hesitate to involve the Cybercrime Unit if the Highway Alert Public Viber Group is not disabled.

This warning comes as the Force expresses serious concern about the exchange of information on a Viber group that alerts drivers to the location of police and the Land Transport Authority conducting operations.

Chief of Operations, ACP Livai Driu, emphasizes that this practice is extremely dangerous to drivers and all road users for several reasons.

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ACP Driu explains that when people share information about the locations of checkpoints and radar operations, it not only encourages dangerous driving behavior but also tips off illegal operators and owners of unroadworthy vehicles.

He stresses that the Highway Alert Public Viber Group is putting the lives of all road users at risk.

Notably, once drivers pass the traffic checkpoints, they often continue with reckless driving behavior, leading to the loss of life.

ACP Driu calls on the public to refrain from sharing such information, as it nurtures a dangerous habit.

He adds that as adults, we must be aware that children are observing our actions and may perceive them as acceptable behavior.

ACP Driu once again urges drivers to adopt a change of mindset for the sake of all road users, emphasizing that everyone has the right to feel safe on our roads.