PGL explores property development opportunities

June 21, 2024 10:46 am

Namosi based bottling company Pleass Global Limited Chair Warwick Pleass highlights the company’s property development potential, a lesser-known aspect of their business.

Pleass says they are continuing to expand the business outwards across the land, building new roads and planning new buildings like staff accommodation and ancillary facilities for vertical and horizontal integration.

He explained that the company initially purchased more land than anticipated and has held onto it for some time.

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“The board is exploring various possibilities, including industrial, commercial, and residential lots. The government is keen on developers creating more residential accommodation, but it’s essential to also create jobs in construction and the new businesses that will operate in the new subdivision.”

As Suva’s expansion shifts from Nausori towards Navua and Pacific Harbour, interest in over 400 acres of land has increased, presenting a prime opportunity for integrated development.

The Pleass Global Limited specializes in water bottling, importing and distributing food and beverage packaging, property development, tourism, and organic horticulture.