No surge in new investments in Ba

January 4, 2024 4:39 pm

While Ba Town has not witnessed a surge in significant new investments, local businesses are taking strides towards expansion.

Ba Chamber of Commerce President, Dinesh Patel, says that though there have been a few new businesses setting roots in the soccer town, discussions on new investments for the upcoming year are yet to take place among the members.

Speaking on the current business landscape in the town, Patel states that the focus for now is on expansion strategies, as businesses continue to explore opportunities within the existing market.

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He expresses optimism about potential developments later in the year.

“When you look at manufacturing or whatever sector they may be, they have been invested in diversifying their businesses. In terms of new investment, when you talk about new investment, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously investment in new infrastructure, in terms of buildings and all that. We haven’t seen much of that in Ba. But obviously, as businesses we always look for opportunities and not only opportunities that is the focus on Ba but obviously if we can invest in any part of Fiji.”

While the business community is eyeing prospects, Patel highlights that certain infrastructural issues have been brought to the forefront.

He says they have raised concerns with the town council regarding the need for attention to specific infrastructure challenges.

Patel stresses that addressing these issues is crucial to maintaining and enhancing the town’s overall economic vitality.