No reduction in school holidays

March 27, 2024 5:03 pm

The Education Ministry has made it clear that, despite recent disruptions to student learning, there will be no reduction in school holidays.

Last week, schools faced closures lasting three days due to adverse weather conditions and flooding, with additional closures in the Suva area attributed to no water supply.

In light of these challenges, the Ministry has confirmed that students and teachers will proceed with their scheduled two-week break from May 6th to 17th.

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Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca emphasizes that a circular was issued last week outlining various activities aimed at promoting a more interactive teaching approach.

“Of course it does impact our children. Having said that I also want to stick here that we have had to very carefully analyze this situation. I know a lot of people were thinking that some of the schools should remain open.”

Selina Kuruleca

Kuruleca stresses the importance of effective decision-making in managing such situations.

“We make the final decision based on all these recommendations. I think it’s really critical that people understand this because there’s a there’s a thinking out there that it’s only one office that’s making all these decisions.”

She also highlights the necessity for regular meetings to ensure that lost teaching and learning time is adequately compensated for.

The Permanent Secretary says the proactive approach highlights the Ministry’s commitment to maintaining educational standards despite unforeseen circumstances.