New policy to drive project implementation

October 2, 2023 3:54 pm

The Pacific Action for Climate Transitions Center will work with development partners and donors to drive climate-resilient projects.

Professor Paresh Narayan, the Founding Director of the Center, emphasizes that the grant agreement between the Fiji Government and PACT will require all funded projects to be co-designed with policymakers to bring about tangible changes and enhance climate resilience.

The various ministries and departments carrying out climate-related projects can make proposals for funding, so this new policy will be different.

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“So it’s not like you bring in consultants; they write a report for you and they go away, and the issue of implementation is always there, and those ideas are never implemented.”

Higher Education Commission Chair Steve Chand believes this partnership will change the lives of many people.

The Government is investing $2million to fund an action plan to combat the effects of climate change that threatens our existence in Fiji and our ecosystem.