New health priorities with new government

February 13, 2023 6:50 am

There are now new health priorities under the current administration says Colonial War Memorial Hospital Chief Medical Advisor, Doctor Jemesa Tudravu.

Last week, the Health Ministry organized a media tour of the CWM Hospital and while responding to questions by the media, Dr Tudravu highlighted that they are heading into a new direction in terms of improvement in infrastructure.

Dr Tudravu says they are going through their procurement process to ensure they get all their supplies sorted as several concerns have been raised about the state of the main hospital and the need for urgent repairs.

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He says they facilitate what the government intends to do and what their priorities are and over the last few years their priority has been around ensuring that the procurement system and engagement of contractors is sorted.

“But now we have a new government with new priorities and we are happy that the government is really keen on infrastructure development and improvement for health and this is our direction and we are going with this.”

The Chief Medical Advisor says the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain did not only hamper the Health Ministry’s ability to procure medical supplies but also hindered their ability to carry out repairs at the CWM Hospital.