Nalauwaki takes action to prevent Leptospirosis cases

February 20, 2024 4:30 pm

Nalauwaki village [Photo: Supplied]

The villagers of Nalauwaki in Waya are currently taking action on health and safety precautions following the two recent cases of leptospirosis in the last week.

Village Headman Jonetani Lawelase confirmed to FBC News that following the public health intervention, community testing and screening and investigations that was carried out by a team of health officials from the Lautoka-Yasawa subdivision, villagers are serious about avoiding the impact of community outbreaks.

He says that three major issues that need to be fixed by the villagers include cleanliness, animal care and practicing health and safety measures.

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“We have put in place a framework for keeping the animals in the right place. The importance of wearing proper footwear while going to the piggery and tying up goats and cows around the village also works in fencing our water source, but most importantly, keeping the village boundaries clean and tidy.”

The Health Ministry has recorded a total of 217 leptospirosis cases this year with two recent cases from Nalauwaki village where one unfortunately passed away and the other was discharged.