MoE strengthens drug prevention efforts

May 22, 2024 12:20 pm

[File Photo]

The Education Ministry is bolstering its drug demand reduction programs to curb the increasing number of drug cases in schools.

This comes as over 8,000 drug-related cases have been reported in the past three years.

Minister Aseri Radrodro says teachers are being trained to identify signs of drug use and abuse among students.

This also includes understanding the types of drugs available in Fiji, their effects, and their legal implications.

“It needs a united front from the family unit, from the Vanua, from the government and religious organizations, and civil society to restrain drug problems. Since 2010, the Substance Abuse Advisory Council has been providing training to teachers in schools, and these trainings have been intensified with the support of the Police Drug Unit and the Ministry of Health.”

Radrodro adds that the Ministry is also helping students through rehabilitation programs.