MOA signed for skill enhancement

November 30, 2023 6:06 am

PS for Employment, Productivity, & Industrial Relations Maretino Nemani

Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity, & Industrial Relations, Maretino Nemani, emphasizes the importance of international assistance in strengthening Fiji’s skills and capacities.

Speaking at the MOA signing ceremony alongside Volunteer Services Abroad (VSA) Council Chair Dana MacDiarmid, Nemani says the government of Fiji is grateful for the signing to materialize and benefit the people of Fiji.

“This has come a time when we’re having a lot of brain drain, so we are bringing them in to help us replenish, top-train, or beef up our workforce. Particularly when we’re talking about priority areas that’s health, business, and economic growth, we’re also talking about people that are coming to help with education, the agriculture sector, the environment, and climate change. Those are the key priorities that VSA will be helping the Fiji government with.”

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This agreement signifies a crucial milestone in nurturing cooperation, enabling the facilitation of knowledge, and enhancing Fiji’s capabilities.

The government looks forward to the tangible benefits that will arise from this partnership with Volunteer Services Abroad.