Government prioritizes working conditions for civil servants

May 14, 2024 12:30 pm

[File Photo]

The government is committed to enhancing the working environment and conditions for civil servants in rural communities.

This will be done through the implementation of the Framework on Engaging Local Tradesmen and Women.

Permanent Secretary for Civil Service Parmesh Chand reiterated the government’s focus on ensuring optimal productivity by addressing the deteriorating conditions of workstations.

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Chand says the framework accelerates much-needed repair work, empowering local tradesmen and women to address maintenance issues without prolonged delays.

Under this framework, engagement with village communities and tradespeople will be facilitated through established youth groups, co-operatives or religious or social organizations.

Chand adds that by partnering with these groups, they aim to streamline the administration, coordination and supervision of repair and renovation tasks.