Fruitful discussions during inaugural tourism summit

March 31, 2023 4:30 pm

[Source: Investment Fiji/Facebook]

The inaugural tourism summit, held in Nadi, has been deemed a success by organizers, with a variety of stakeholders from the investment and hospitality industries engaging in productive discussions.

The event, which was strategically important for investment in Fiji and tourism in Fiji, received positive feedback from attendees.

Tourism Fiji CEO, Brent Hill says it’s a good start to opening lines of communication between key players in the industry.

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“Everything we could have dreamt off when we first conceived the idea of the summit, I feel like is a big tick and, you know, we’ll go away and, you know, chase up all those leads, and also, you know, assess some of the feedback and we’ll come back bigger and stronger again, because there’s definitely a desire to do this again.”

Hill says the event provided a valuable opportunity for investment and hotel brands to network and explore potential partnerships.

The discussions covered a range of topics, from investment opportunities in Fiji’s growing tourism industry to innovative approaches to hospitality.

Investment Fiji CEO Kamal Chetty says they will continue to ensure they attract investments in order to position Fiji as the hub of the Pacific.

“Fiji is already a transportation hub, telecommunication hub of the Pacific, but we have to continue to finance that because there’s loads of other countries that are doing loads of things around the Pacific. So I think for us, it’s important that we continue the path we strategically attract investment that will benefit.”

Chetty says overall, the inaugural Tourism Summit was seen as a positive step for Fiji’s tourism and investment industries, with many attendees optimistic about the potential for future collaboration and growth.