Five offered immunity in $2b meth seizure case

March 27, 2024 12:59 pm

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions John Rabuku today revealed that five individuals charged in relation to the seizure of $2 billion worth of methamphetamine in Nadi have been offered a chance to secure immunity.

This revelation came during proceedings at the Lautoka High Court earlier today.

Rabuku informed the court that the prosecution intends to extend an offer of immunity to the five accused, allowing them to be released on strict bail conditions.

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He says additionally, they will be approached to consider switching sides and providing testimony for the prosecution.

The Acting DPP stated that should they choose to cooperate and testify for the state, they would receive immunity from prosecution and have their charges dropped.

However, Rabuku made it clear that if the accused opt not to assist the state, the prosecution will continue to pursue the case against them.

The five individuals granted this opportunity include 29-year-old Nancy Mateyawa, 29-year-old Iosefo Roqica, 27-year-old Maika Yabakivou, 40-year-old Issac Lesiyanawai and Michael Pickering.

Four of them are expected to be released on bail today, while Pickering is already out on bail.

Acting DPP Rabuku emphasized that among the five individuals, some were considered minor players who seized an opportunity.

In addition to these developments, bail hearings for five other individuals connected to the case, namely 31-year-old Cathy Tuirabe, 44-year-old Ratu Aporosa Davelevu, 30-year-old Ratu Osea Levula, 44-year-old David Heritage, and Viliame Colawaliku will have their bail hearing on the 10th of next month.

Rabuku stated that he would file the affidavit in response to their bail application tomorrow.

Furthermore, the court is set to rule on the bail of Jale Aukerea at 2.30pm today.

Rabuku has also filed a consolidation, which now includes a total of 15 individuals implicated in the case.

The other accused include 32-year-old Justin Ho, 22-year Louie Frank Logaivau, 30-year-old Sakiusa Tuva and 29-year-old Keanie Mcpherson, who await further legal proceedings in connection to the massive drug seizure.