Fiji Pine invests over $200,000 in education

June 20, 2024 2:29 pm

Fiji Pine Limited has prioritized education by awarding over $200,000 to at least 116 students who are children and families of landowners in the five forest stations.

The recipients are from Lololo, Nabou, Nadi, Bua, and Macuata Forest Stations.

Fiji Pine states that Ra Forest missed out this year due to insufficient funds for applications from the sector’s landowning units in the Landowner Community Development Fund.

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Bua received nearly $94,000 for its 63 students, while Lololo in Lautoka was granted $43,637 for at least nine students from 10 Mataqalis.

Macuata Forest landowners received $40,474.65 for 10 landowning units, while Nabou Forest landowning students received $24,692 from 15 Mataqali.

Twelve students from Nadi Forest’s seven Mataqali received $24,968.

The Fiji Pine Group has invested over a million dollars in education assistance in recent years, including paying fees for tertiary students, providing laptops to facilitate their online and distance learning programs, upgrading school facilities, and supplying study equipment for rural-based schools.

In 2021, the company invested $365,000.