FICAC investigation into lot allotment abuse continues

May 10, 2024 12:26 pm

[File Photo]

Housing Authority of Fiji Chief Executive, Ritesh Singh says they have provided all the documentary evidence to the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption in relation to the special purpose investigation.

Singh says a lot of allegations had arisen from this investigation carried out by FICAC.

An investigation was launched into the Authority’s allotment of lots and tender processes following allegations that lots that were meant for income earners of $50, 000 and below were grossly abused.

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The allegations were that a number of non-first homeowners and relatives of HA employees received the lots in Tacirua and Wainibuku subdivisions.

Singh says they have followed up with FICAC on the progress of the investigation.

“And they had given us details of the investigation. As we speak today, the status remains the same. From our point of view, wherever the allegations were, we have provided all the details and FICAC will be acting on it.”

Singh adds this has not had any financial impact on the Housing Authority’s accounts.