Family issues land youth on the street

April 13, 2024 12:21 pm

Two youth have opened up to FBC News about the reasons why they have chosen street living.

Their family breakdown and lack of love at home landed them on the street, but their dreams of bettering themselves are very much alive.

They were part of a group that walked the streets of Suva yesterday, marking International Day for Street Children.

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One of them said he has been living on the streets of Suva for almost a decade now, and it happened when his parents separated.

The 17-year-old dreams of becoming a missionary, a goal he strongly believes he will achieve one day.

“I want to change my life. I’ve involved myself in a lot of bad things, and sometimes I feel it is affecting me, and I wanted that change. I want to become a missionary.”

Another youth, Leone Necani, a shoeshine boy who has been living on the streets of Suva since 2013, shares a similar story, but he is grateful for the people who help him get by every day.

“I often meet a lot of people who are always happy to support us. They would buy us food and give us money, even though I’ve met people who would take me to buy new clothes.”

The walk was organized by the NGO Aruka Fiji, and founder Inoke Drauna says it aimed to create a sense of belonging for these young people.

The NGO also provided moral training for the youths, along with offering health screenings, and they have also made a call for people to assist where they can.