MoE announces pay increase

March 3, 2024 7:37 am

Education Minister Viliame Gavoka [File Photo]

The Education Ministry reveals that 35 percent of its workforce, totaling 4884 officers, is set to receive a pay increase.

This includes 739 Early Childhood Education teachers, 3993 assistant teachers, and 152 non-teaching officers.

Education Minister Viliame Gavoka states that this incremental raise for eligible staff is the first phase of salary realignment across the ministry’s workforce.

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He adds this initiative is based on guidelines provided by the Ministry of Civil Service and will be followed by subsequent phases.

Gavoka also states that salary step increases for leadership positions in schools will be considered upon the completion of the school re-classification exercise, with the intention of including it in the next Financial Year budget proposal.

The Minister emphasizes that investing in teachers is a strategic investment in the quality, stability, and sustainability of the foundation of learning.