Digital transformation key to overcoming challenges: Ali

June 10, 2024 12:15 pm

Recent global shocks have pushed businesses to adopt flexible strategies to overcome challenges.

Permanent Secretary of Trade Shaheen Ali says that digital transformation is an essential tool for businesses to overcome some of the logistical challenges.

Ali says that digitization allows businesses to tap into overseas markets.

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“But it also brings a lot of positivity as well, in terms of going beyond your national boundaries and tapping into customers overseas as well. What the Fiji Government is trying to do is ensure that there is a proper framework, a national strategy that we can all get behind, and the progression of the development of various building blocks that can progress the private sector and the public sector towards a digital economy.”

[Permanent Secretary of Trade Shaheen Ali]

Ali states that the ministry is prioritizing relevant laws to protect people from harm.

He also says that they will be investing in the right infrastructure and regulations, which will be useful for businesses.

Ali says that these things will be addressed in the national digital strategy.