Cybersecurity should not be viewed as an expense

June 13, 2024 3:54 pm

Cybersecurity should be viewed not as an expense but as a crucial investment, according to Director General of Digital Government Transformation Tupou Baravilala.

Speaking at the National Conference on Cybercrime and e-Evidence for Prosecutors, Baravilala emphasizes the essential role of cybersecurity in safeguarding national interests and promoting digital safety.

She says in their roles as agencies and entities, they must advocate for the significance of cybersecurity.

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“And we’ve seen countless organizations who have experienced the adverse impact of not putting in place those cyber security safeguards. We also see that it is not a matter of if. It really is a matter of when. And we must operate with this mindset and put in place layers upon layers upon layers of security safeguards to detect, contain, mitigate and respond effectively.”

Baravilala highlights several measures currently in place to bolster Fiji’s cybersecurity framework.

Among these is the Online Safety Act, which provides a legislative backbone for tackling online threats and safeguarding digital spaces.

She says additionally, multiple interagency and national task forces have been established to address various aspects of cybercrime.

According to Baravilala, one notable initiative is the anti-scam task force, which has made significant strides in combating digital fraud and enhancing cyber resilience.

She shares that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fiji Police Force have partnered to send two officers for specialized training abroad.

Baravilala says these officers now join the pool of regional trainers, enhancing our local capabilities and knowledge base.

She adds furthermore, there are plans to integrate cybersecurity education into school curricula through community academies.