Ministry concerned with vaccine wastage

November 17, 2021 7:15 am

The Health Ministry has had to deal with vaccine wastage during their vaccination drive.

Permanent Secretary, Doctor James Fong says there have been instances where one or only two people turned up to the vaccination centers.

This is the cause of the wastage as one vile should be used to vaccinate 10 people at any given time.

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“We’ve not only wasted some vaccines on them. But we have to go back with the risk that we’re going to waste some more.”

Dr Fong says this worries him as it minimizes their opportunity of securing more vaccines.

“Because it means that you can’t predict how much stock to bring in and usually when you bring in a new product like the vaccines you want to make sure that you’re not known for wastage. Because people donate, people supply on the premise that you won’t waste.”

He adds that the shelf life of these vaccines is another area of concern that they’re working to address.

The Ministry confirms they are finding difficulty in convincing the last 10 percent of the targeted population to get vaccinated.

In the last three days, an estimated 620 people were fully vaccinated nationwide.