China extends support to agriculture sector

May 10, 2024 4:35 pm

More Chinese experts from universities are expected to arrive in Fiji to assist in identifying challenges and opportunities within our agriculture sector.

This includes experts carrying out feasibility studies in the required areas, financial support, and resources.

Deputy Secretary General of the Qingdao Municipal Committee Lin Bin says feasibility studies conducted by experts will help in identifying key areas for improvement and implementing targeted interventions.

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She adds that talks are underway about the possibility of exporting tropical fruits to China.

“So our agriculture expert with Qingdao Agricultural University suggests the possibility of growing durian. Durian is very popular in China. Expensive. So when Southeast Asia is off-season for durian, it may be right in the season for Fiji. But there is only one possibility, and we need to work together to explore it.”

Bin adds that support from experts will help Fiji’s agriculture sector secure more investments.