Cabinet moves to develop counter-terrorism strategy and law

November 22, 2023 5:07 am

Cabinet has agreed that consultations be reconvened for the development of a National Counter Terrorism Strategy and a Counter Terrorism Bill for Fiji.

In a post-cabinet meeting statement, it says Fiji is a diverse and multicultural nation and is not immune to changes in the regional and global security landscape.

Access to the internet, social media, opinion makers and influencers, misinformation, and disinformation all give rise to the potential for terrorists and their sympathizers to carry out their acts of terrorism in Fiji.

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Fiji’s strategic location as a popular tourist destination also makes it vulnerable to potential terrorist activities given the presence of foreigners on our soil.

Therefore, a proactive and multi-faceted approach to counterterrorism is essential for Fiji to ensure that we are in a state of readiness.

The strategy will clearly highlight the key components of the government’s commitment to counterterrorism efforts, which will be supported by the proposed Bill.

The consultations will be overseen by a National Counter Terrorism Working Group.