Cabinet approves women's plan

February 19, 2024 5:45 am

The Cabinet has endorsed the development of the Women’s Economic Empowerment National Action Plan for 2024-2029.

The plan will be developed in partnership with key stakeholders via an inclusive whole-of-government and evidence-based approach to address structural barriers that limit women’s economic participation.

Women and girls in Fiji face challenges when it comes to effective economic participation.

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This has been identified through examination of data and analysis in the Fiji Country Gender Assessment.

These challenges include the significant burden of unpaid care and work, the overrepresentation of women in the informal economy, and the high prevalence of gender-based violence.

Only 35.2% of women were engaged in paid work in the formal sector, while they also accounted for fewer than three in 10 people engaged in paid employment in the informal sector.

Whether operating a formal or informal business, women entrepreneurs in Fiji face a range of challenges and constraints that limit their ability to start and grow their businesses.

Given this background the government is emphasizing on the urgent need for the development and adoption of an action plan.

The Ministry of Women will lead the development of the plan, which will be funded by the Australian government.