Coke Games 2022

Central College banks on Bula

August 18, 2022 6:10 am

The senior boys 400 meters event will be one to look out for in this year’s Fiji Finals and Peni Bula from Central College in Lautoka is a potential top three finisher.

Despite sustaining an injury last weekend, Bula is determined to have a medal around his neck after the final tomorrow.

Bula won the Lautoka Zone 400 meters in style but he knows he’s at a different level now.

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The pressure is real for the Somosomo, Gau, Lomaiviti youngster but he’s been reminded of the bigger picture.

He says RKS is the favorite in the 400 meters.

”Participating in the zone competition is different compared to this big event, for me my biggest challenge I think will be RKS.A lot of athletes face those kind of situation where we feel pressure, where we see the crowd, where we lose our concentration”.

Bula will feature in the senior boys 400, 800 and 4×400 meters relay.

There are 8 tracks and 13 field athletes for Central College which is the biggest squad for the Coke Games in the school’s history.