Events to start at 8am on day two and three

August 17, 2022 4:59 pm

HFC Bank Stadium ready for the Fiji Finals

A few changes have been made to the starting times of the Coca-Cola Games for Friday and Saturday.

As per the initial schedule, the first event on Days 2 & 3 were to start at 9am.

However, Fiji Secondary School Athletics Association general secretary, Vuli Waqa confirms it will start an hour earlier.

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This means the first event for Friday and Saturday will now start at 8am.

Waqa says this is to ensure that athletes return home in daylight.

“This is done to allow the athletes to back home again while the sun is still up. As you know, next week is a normal school week so it’s important for us to make sure that the athletes go back home quickly.”

The starting time for the first event tomorrow remains at 10am.

Some safety protocols are also in place which requires unvaccinated children to be accompanied by fully vaccinated adults.

Unvaccinated children who turn up alone at the HFC Bank Stadium will not be allowed to enter.

Vaxx checks will be done at all points of entry.

The Fiji Finals starts tomorrow and you can also watch it live on FBC Sports.