UK reaffirms support for Fiji

June 15, 2024 7:38 am

The United Kingdom reaffirms its support for enhancing development and sustainability in key priority areas.

This includes addressing various global challenges, including the urgent need to mitigate the threats of climate change and tackle security issues such as illegal fishing and overfishing.

British High Commissioner, Dr. Brian Jones has emphasized the importance of a collective effort in peacekeeping.

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Dr. Jones also states that they are working closely with international partners to promote stability and peace across regions affected by conflict and instability.

“On the mutual challenges to our safety and security from Russia invading Ukraine and from destabilizing effects in the Middle East and other parts of the world, we’re very close partners in peacekeeping with Fijian peacekeepers and, of course, the 3,000 Fijians in the British Army, helping us keep stability around the world. The final priority is the prosperity of both countries.”

Dr. Jones adds that the UK is also focused on promoting economic development, enhancing educational opportunities, and supporting healthcare initiatives in developing countries.

Meanwhile, the British High Commission in Suva celebrated Majesty King Charles III’s birthday yesterday, which various government officials, agencies, and diplomatic corps took part in.