Thinking like a criminal is vital says Kumar

February 12, 2024 12:26 pm

FRCS Border Director, Shelini Kumar

Fiji Revenue and Customs Service Border Director, Shelini Kumar, has called on border personnel to adopt a criminal mindset when necessary.

Kumar delivered an address to personnel from various organizations attending a two-week border control training in Suva.

She emphasized the importance of staying ahead of criminals whose tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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Kumar reminded officers that protecting the country’s interests remains a top priority, emphasizing the need for effective collaboration in combating crimes at the borders.

“Sometimes you have to think like a criminal: Where would they be doing their activities, or how would they be thinking about sabotaging how customs, navy, police, and other customs agencies think about the protection of our national borders.”

The Border Director notes that customs is undergoing modernization, which requires addressing gaps and challenges.

Furthermore, Kumar highlighted the significance of border control and revealed that FRCS is still working with partners to further investigate recent drug busts in Nadi.

She urged officials to refrain from speculating unless necessary for integrity purposes.