Revamped research stations for improved outcomes

February 22, 2024 12:15 pm

The Agriculture Ministry is undertaking a significant revamp of its nine agricultural research stations across the country, aiming to bolster their capabilities.

Permanent Secretary Dr Andrew Tukana reveals the ongoing research into crop varieties and livestock breeds while calling for intensified efforts to yield more impactful outcomes.

Dr. Tukana also emphasizes the pivotal role of international collaboration in driving forward agricultural research initiatives.

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He also underscores the necessity of aligning research activities with specific needs to effectively tackle key challenges in the agricultural sector.

“It has to be research that is needed on the ground. Like if there’s an issue that there are some of the farmers or maybe the agro-processors or other people in the value chain need, then that’s what we need to be researching on.”

Dr Tukana adds the revamping of these research stations highlights the Ministry’s commitment to driving agricultural development in Fiji.