Relocation not an option for Wainiyavu villagers

February 26, 2024 12:11 pm

The Wainiyavu village

It is clear that relocation is not considered a viable option for the residents of Wainiyavu village, despite the frequent flooding experienced during heavy rains.

Village Headman Suliano Naborisi has stated that some villagers have chosen to build high-rise houses near the river for safety during flooding events.

Nabosiri says the river, which serves as their source of food and water, becomes a concern due to climate change and also when heavy rain occurs.

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“This river greatly helps us with washing and other water related chores. However, it’s an issue when there’s a heavy downpour. it floods part of this village. Our only worry is our families and their safety. We have our homes here together with our traditional burial site and i don’t think we can relocate to their places.”

Petero Veremalua, a farmer from Wainiyavu, emphasized that the safety of their children and fellow villagers is of utmost importance, particularly during times of flooding.

He says it usually affects their farms so they have decided to relocate their farms which is their only source of income.

Wainiyavu village is the second last village in the interior of Namosi and is situated beside the river. It has over 100 houses and more than 400 residents.