Rabuka refrains from commenting on social media infidelity claims

January 13, 2024 7:28 am

Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka.

Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, has chosen not to engage in comments or discussions regarding allegations of infidelity involving two cabinet ministers that re-surfaced on social media yesterday.

Speaking to FBCNews, the Prime Minister stated that he had already addressed the matter with the concerned ministers last year.

“There have been no developments as far as I’m concerned; maybe there have been comments on social media. I do not comment on comments on social media,” Prime Minister Rabuka declared during the press conference.”

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The allegations in question had been circulating on social media since last year, resurfacing recently with the purported involvement of Minister for Social Welfare, Lynda Tabuya, and Minister for Education, Aseri Radrodro.

The platform that posted the claims provided Viber exchange messages as evidence.

Rabuka emphasized that, from his perspective, there have been no new developments on the issue.

He encouraged the public to be cautious when interpreting information circulating on social media and affirmed his stance of not engaging in discussions or commentary on such matters.