Pastors urged to use their pulpit in drug fight

May 24, 2024 4:25 pm

Fiji Council of Churches General Secretary, Reverend Simione Tugi, urges pastors across the nation to utilize their pulpits to confront the escalating drug problem plaguing the country.

Addressing the issue, Reverand Tugi emphasizes the critical role the church must play in combating the scourge of hard drugs.

Rev Tugi highlights the importance of religious leaders speaking out against drug use during their sermons.

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He says they are asking their pastors to condemn drug usage from the pulpit as the church is pivotal in the fight against the darkness brought by hard drugs.

“They can use their pulpit because they are preaching like 52 weeks in a year, and they are with the community doing church work in their community, they can share the knowledge about drugs, that’s what we can do. We are the voice, and we have to speak, we have to stand up and speak up and condemn drugs in Fiji.”

In their efforts to raise awareness, the Fiji Council of Churches is collaborating with Drug Free World (Fiji).

Rev Tugi says their partnership aims to educate communities about the dangers of drug use.

He adds their recent outreach activities, including a visit to Lautoka last week and ongoing efforts in Nadi today.

The Fiji Council of Churches represents a significant portion of the population, with over 400,000 members spanning 13 denominations. T