Names for early release sent to President

February 7, 2023 12:50 pm

[File Photo]

Attorney-General and Mercy Commission Chair Siromi Turaga has revealed today that they have deliberated on the applications of a few convicted persons for early release from prison.

Turaga confirms that the list of applications does not include 2000 coup leader George Speight.

He adds that the Commission has been meeting for years and inmates have been pardoned, but it has not been announced publicly.

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“Last meeting, we deliberated on a few applications; they’ve been forwarded to His Excellency, the President; decisions were made, and we will inform you of the details in a press conference.”

Turaga states the commission has five members.

Section 119, subsection 2, of the 2013 Constitution states the Commission consists of the Attorney-General, who is to be its chairperson, and other members appointed by the President, acting on the advice of the Judicial Services Commission following consultations by it with the Attorney-General.

It further states that on the petition of any convicted person, the commission may recommend that the President exercise a power of mercy by granting a free or conditional pardon to a person convicted of any offense; postponing the carrying out of a punishment, either for a specific or indeterminate period; or remitting all or part of a punishment.