MoH outlines plans for Oncology Ward refurbishment

December 1, 2023 2:17 pm

The Ministry of Health acknowledges and takes seriously concerns regarding the condition of CWM Hospital’s Oncology Ward.

In response to social media discussions, the Ministry reassures the public that it recognizes the importance of providing a comfortable and supportive environment for oncology patients.

The Ministry is committed to addressing any concerns raised.

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The Ministry states that refurbishment of the CWM Oncology ward is included in the list of urgent projects for the hospital’s renovation.

Adequate budgets are allocated for the facility’s refurbishment.

Two weeks ago, the Ministry’s Asset Management Unit completed scoping works for the ward’s refurbishment and is currently soliciting Request for Quotations.

The Ministry notes that due to the high demand for external contractors in the construction market, the Hospital faced challenges in finding a suitable contractor to carry out the remedial works promptly.

Similar refurbishments are scheduled to begin for the ANZ, Beqa, and Lau wards.

Additionally, the Ministry highlights that it had to prioritize pressing issues such as the recent superbug outbreak at CWM.

Given the high patient load at the ward, the Ministry emphasizes the need to facilitate suitable schedules to continue refurbishment without disrupting much-needed patient services.