Immigration to look into passport issuance: Tikoduadua

March 28, 2023 4:54 pm

[File Photo]

The Department of Immigration is conducting an investigation into the issuance of passports to a range of people now living in Fiji.

Minister for Home Affairs, Pio Tikoduadua says there have been concerns raised on whether some who have been issued national passports are qualified to become Fiji citizens.

Tikoduadua adds the ministry is also trying to address the great demand for national passports.

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“It is putting on a lot of strain on our immigration officials to be able to produce for the people of Fiji these passports when they need them. Obviously the conditions are quite clear for the issuance of passports, those that want their passport almost immediately and those that have to pay just enough so that they can get it over a working week.”

Tikoduadua adds another concern that the ministry will be looking into is the granting of citizenship.

The Home Affairs Minister says genuine people looking to become Fijians and be granted citizenry must be granted liberty in all fairness.