Tackling cancer’s root causes

February 4, 2024 4:17 pm

A woman reading a pamphlet by Fiji Cancer Society [File Photo]

The Health Ministry’s Head of Wellness has stressed the importance of mitigating cancer risk factors.

This includes habits such as passive smoking, suboptimal nutrition, insufficient physical activity, excessive alcohol and sugary beverage consumption and inadequate attention to mental health.

Doctor Devina Nand states that according to The Global Cancer Observatory, 2022 witnessed over 1600 new cancer cases with nearly 870 reported fatalities highlighting the urgency of comprehensive care strategies.

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She is urging Fijians to prioritize healthier lifestyles, asserting that individual choices play a role in shaping a robust health narrative.

Dr Nand emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating the endeavours undertaken in supporting cancer patients throughout their journey.

“Your health starts with you, the nation’s health starts with every individual in the nation that means looking after what you eat, the amounts of physical activities that you do we eat three times a day so the gatekeeper is your mouth and you decide for what you put into your body.”

Oncology Unit Doctor at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital also called for the need to revisit the fundamentals of health.

“Basically, to acknowledge the efforts behind in trying to get the cancer patients from diagnosis to their journey. we may not be able to help all but the efforts is there and it will only improve if we keep on supporting any health institutions.”

The call for a holistic approach stresses Fiji’s commitment to not only treating cancer cases but also fostering a culture of preventative health measures.