Mother’s instinct saves two lives

January 31, 2023 4:12 pm

A mother of two, Priyanka Chand says it was not easy to know that both her daughters were diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

She says last year she casually took her five-year-old daughter Kimyra Prasad for screening and later found out that she had CHD, and later on, the same results echoed for her three-year-old daughter Amyra Prasad.

Chand, who is a nurse, says it was surprising for her as neither of her daughters had any symptoms.

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She says it was really difficult for her family to understand the whole process.

“They are business people so it was really challenging for me to make them understand that it’s good for them.” And it took a while for my husband and in-laws to decide for them to get the surgery done. But what they believe was that the doctors know better, the surgeons know better.”

Chand says both their daughters were operated on this week and are now in good health.

She is urging parents to get their children screened.