Combatting stigma is vital says Murphy

April 2, 2024 12:43 pm

[File Photo]

UNAIDS has called for a precision approach, which is required so that people get the right information and services regarding HIV and Aids.

UNAIDS Regional Director Asia Pacific Eamonn Murphy says part of the investment needed to respond to the growing HIV epidemic is increased funding for community-led service delivery, particularly prevention.

Murphy says another key issue associated with HIV is stigma and discrimination, which needs to be addressed.

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He adds that it is critical to tackle stigma and discrimination effectively to create an environment where individuals feel encouraged to seek treatment.

People are afraid to come forward and get tested and to be able to get the treatment. They are concerned about community reaction and that is a major problem.

Murphy says people are still presenting with late-stage illnesses, which is a concern.

The Ministry is finalizing the HIV Surge Strategy, which will facilitate collaboration with health partners to strengthen prevention, improve access to diagnosis and treatment, and reduce stigma and discrimination.